Mitchell Joseph

Dear Beverage Industry Reader:

I often wonder how my great-grandfather would react to the beverage industry of today compared to the one simpler era he knew when he was a bottler for soft drinks back in Ohio and eastward. What would his comments be if he were to step into the reality of today and witness the many changes transforming our industry? Diet, caffeine free, caffeine added, new age, designer waters, sports drinks, and microbrews have expanded the beverage selection for today’s consumer. Innovative packaging such as pull tab cans, twist off bottles and contour packages have captured our interest and imagination. Additionally, we do not have to look far for our favorite beverage because convenience stores, gas stations, and vending provide the public with purchase opportunities throughout the day. Mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures between companies have further changed the landscape of our industry from days past.

In recent years, we have seen the industry take up the banner for putting quality, that is, value-added back into the business.We have found the consumer hungry for value-added, whether it is product or packaging. Most of value-added in the packaging side has been “form” driven and it is innovative  and exciting. Now energy drinks have turned the beverage industry totally around another 360°. Finally, a revolutionary virtual package that is at once self sufficient in that is needs no refrigeration and is within immediate access to the consumer because it “Chills On Demand™” whenever and wherever a cool refreshing drink is desired. We call it the Chill-Can™. Yes, I wonder what my  great-grandfather would think.



                                                                               Mitchell Joseph

                                                                               Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

                                                                               The Joseph Company International