Chill Can in Honored as “Can Of The Year” 1997

The Chill Can Technology has been developed by four generations of family beverage industry experience in the United States under the trade name, Joseph Company International. This technology is referred to as ‘Micro Cooling’ and has been in research and development for over 18 years.
It has won the United States ‘Rookie of the Year’ award given by the United States military for the Self chilling of Canteens for the United States Army.

It won the prestigious ‘Can of the Year Award’ in 1997 in Singapore demonstrating that function translates a higher equation than exterior design.



Chill Can is Presented an Award From NASA

In 1997 NASA chose 5 Self Chilling Cans to be part of an experimentation program to be used by Senator John Glenn on his last space voyage.

During this time the technology was featured on numerous front covers such as, The Can MakerThe Canner, and The Beverage Industry technology etc.

In 1998 The Joseph Company International won the EPA Award for Re-Design.

In 1998 the technology was all ready to be launched with the Pepsi Cola Company which was illustrated by the new “blue” can you see today designed by the Joseph Company International. Blue representing cold, red representing hot. In 1998 the Chill Can System had an environmental issue because the technology was using the controversial HFC134A the replacement of CFC-20 Freon.

This put the product on hold and encouraged another 9 years of re-design utilizing a patented ‘Activated Carbon’ made from organic renewable vegetable materials and reclaimed C02 which has become the basis of the new chilling technology. After 9 years it has finally been proven to be a green environmentally safe product and it is now ready for global commercialization.

The Joseph Company International has dedicated the last 10 years to enforcing its promise to environmental bodies that this will be a safe global product, and we have succeeded in this promise. The Joseph Company International is in discussion with the University of Surrey and Dr. Roland Clift to conduct advanced studies for the use of activated carbon and reclaimed CO2. The major theme behind the environmental push by the Joseph Company International is “Reclaimed and Reusable”.

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