The Chill Can By the Joseph Company International in OC Register.

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Another energy drink but its can is special

February 10th, 2012, 6:56 am ·  · posted by 

Chill Can By The Joseph Company International

West Coast Chill is the newest entry into the energy drink sector. No caffaine, no sugar, no artificial colors or flavors. But its can makes it special.

Push a button on the bottom and a self-chilling mechanism activates and cools the beverage 30 degrees in three minutes.

Joseph Company International in Irvine has spent an estimated $7 million to $8 million over 10 years to develop the self-chilling can.  West Coast Chill will go on the market before the end of March to prove the can works, not merely in cooling the beverage but that consumers will want it enough to pay a premium.

Consumers already have shown a willingness to pay more for energy drinks than bottled water or soda. So it is a good test. West Coast Chill, which will sell initially in selected convenience stores in Southern California and Nevada, will sell for around $3.95.

West Coast Chill is a separate company from Joseph Company International.