Revolutionary Technology

Chill Can By The Joseph Company

The Chill Can Technology has been developed by four generations of family beverage industry experience in the United States under the trade name, Joseph Company International. This technology is referred to as ‘Micro Cooling’ and has been in research and development for over 18 years.




It has long been desired to provide a simple, effective and safe device which can be housed within the food or beverage container for the purpose of cooling or heating the food or beverage on demand. In many instances ice or refrigeration is not readily available in locations such as camping, boating, fishing, beach, etc. In a Self-chilling beverage can such as West Coast Chill, the beverage can has a built in Heat Exchanger Unit (HEU) which uses a C-CO2 adsorbent-desorption system to cool the beverage in the can. The HEU has CO2 gas adsorbed to activated carbons at 10bar. When a certain valve mechanism incorporated in the HEU is activated or depressed, a pressure differential is created between the atmosphere (1bar) and the HEU (10bar). The CO2 gas which is adsorbed to the activated carbons at a high pressure inside the HEU evaporates to the atmosphere. During this process of desorption of the gas from the activated carbon, a reduction in temperature of the food or beverage in thermal contact with the outer surface of the HEU is achieved. Since, there is a reduction in pressure of the carbon-dioxide gas during the desorption process, it absorbs the heat from the beverage as it evaporates to the atmosphere thereby reducing the temperature of the beverage by 30o in a span of three minutes.