The Joseph Company, being at the forefront of an exciting and revolutionary breakthrough in consumer value added packaging, is committed to converting its opportunities into global realities to enrich the quality of life, which we firmly believe is made possible through God’s continued blessings

We are committed to the highest level of quality in our innovation, manufacturing, distribution, sales, marketing, and research functions.

We are committed to exercise our vision, so that we do not become a singular product or project company. We will continue to be inspired and motivated to meet the new challenges outside of the chill-on-demand beverage segment of our business.

We are committed to the people that are the enablers of The Joseph Company’s foundation and future growth plans. First and foremost, we are committed to the Company’s greatest asset, the employee; to train, support, encourage, and challenge through accountability and responsibility in order to achieve our productivity objectives. We are firmly committed to the partnership of our valued suppliers and customers, by demonstrating a high degree of integrity and trust within this most important relationship.

We are committed to realizing a fair and reasonable profit for our efforts and to provide an adequate return on investment for the stockholders.

We are committed to being a good citizen in communities wherever we work or reside, by assisting in meeting the needs of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Finally, The Joseph Company is committed to provide value added packaging to meet the ever changing needs of today’s consumer, through the development of high quality, consumer safe products that are both pro-environment and environmentally friendly. The ultimate objective will be to ensure the availability of a quality refreshment on-demand both on and off premise..

We believe, “Life is a series of glorious opportunities, brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” – Howard Hendricks, Author