Spirit of Innovation Award Nominee

The Joseph Company self-chilling can has been nominated for the 2019 Spirit of Innovation Award.

Technology That Took Us to Space

The Joseph Company’s self-chilling technology was selected by NASA’s Innovation Research Program for the use of the technology for the space shuttle’s frozen dessert system. This prestigious honor led to the self-chilling technology being a part of the Space Shuttle Discovery’s mission with legendary United States Senator, John Glen.

Williamson College of Business Administration Honors Mitchell Joseph Edit

Mitchell Joseph, a 1969 graduate of Williamson College and CEO of Joseph Company International was one of four alumni of Youngstown State University’s Williamson College of Business Administration honored Friday at the college’s annual Alumni Banquet.

Mr. Joseph was presented the Outstanding Business Achievement Award in recognition of the $20 million Chill-Can Beverage and Technology Center his company is building on the city’s East Side. The campus will have seven buildings, including research and development, administration and manufacturing, for the company’s self-chilling beverage cans.

Award Winning Year for the Joseph Company

On Friday October 6th, SI Protech, a United Kingdom company (owned by USA company, Joseph Company International) was the winner of the Southern United Kingdom Innovation for Plastic Injection given in Brighton, England. The first place award was presented to the managing director of SI Protech, Mr. Alan Edmonds (Pictures enclosed). The event was sponsored by the media of group of southern England. The other competing companies for this award were other multi-national organizations and has advanced SIP to London for a spot in the national completion for their role in injection moulding innovation , production and manufacturing.

Additionally, SI Protech has been selected to go into the Parliamentary Review Board on Monday , October 9th, 2017. This prestigious award ceremony is hosted by the House of Commons for the purpose of building the link between government / parliament and the business sector. SI Protech has been selected based upon innovation in the plastics industry as well its history as a large exporter of products to major beverage companies.

Alan Edmonds, Managing Director of SI Protech, accepts Regional Manufacturing Award in Brighton

Alan Edmonds, Managing Director of SI Protech, accepts Regional Manufacturing Award in Brighton. The Joseph owned company has had an award winning year which will include recognition from The English House of Commons on October 9th, 2017.

The Parliamentary Review

With a long-standing history of developing and producing revolutionary, high-spec injection mouldings, SI Protech has become a respected and recognized leader in the manufacturing industry. Having been acquired by US corporation, Joseph Company in 2016, the company strategy has been strengthened in the areas of innovation and investment.

Army’s Recognition of Achievement

The Joseph Company earned the United States Army’s Soldier Systems Command Small Business of the Year award in 1996.

Chamber to Honor Joseph Co. CEO

YONGSTOWN, Ohio – Mitchell Joseph, chairman and CEO of Joseph Company International and West Coast Chill, will be recognized as Business Professional of the Year at the Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber’s Salute to Business 2017.

The Joseph Co. broke ground last fall on the east side for a $20 million plant that will manufacture the world’s first

commercial self-chilling beverage can.

Cannex Singapore 1997 Can and Technology of the year

The prestigious Cannex “Can of the Year” Singapore award was bestowed upon Mr. Mitchell Joseph, CEO of the Joseph Company International and Chill Can in 1997.

Excellence in Entrepreneurship 2015

The prestigious Cannex “Can of the Year” Singapore award was bestowed upon Mr. Mitchell Joseph, CEO of the Joseph Company International and Chill Can in 1997.

Joseph Company CEO Headlines Executive Lecture Series At Youngstown St. University

October 14, 2016 – Youngstown, Ohio

Joseph Company International, Inc. CEO and Chairman, Mitchell J. Joseph was one of two headline speakers at Youngstown State University’s Williamson College of Business Administration. Speaking to a standing room only auditorium full of MBA students and faculty, which included Youngstown State President, Jim Tressel, Mr. Joseph gave those in attendance an inside look at the 24 year journey he has been on while perfecting the world’s only commercialized self-chilling beverage can. Mr. Joseph also went into detail about his brand of Entrepreneurial Finance and what it means to be an entrepreneur in today’s business world and how to maximize your working capital while maintaining control and equity of your company.

Mr. Joseph has been called upon to speak on these matters quite a bit lately. Previous to his stop at Youngstown State, Mr. Joseph spoke in front of a similar audience at the world renowned Harvard University. The speech at Harvard followed the release of a Harvard Case Study done on Mr. Joseph and The Joseph Company.

Mitchell J. Joseph of The Joseph Company International, Inc. has acquired world renowned plastics company, SI Protech (UK) Ltd

Irvine, CA, USA / Littlehampton, West Sussex , UK , July 14, 2016

Mitchell J. Joseph of The Joseph Company International, Inc. (JCI) has finalized the acquisition of SI Protech (UK) Ltd. Established in 1998, SI Protech (UK) Ltd (SIP) has extensive experience in product development, mould tooling, plastic injection moulding and final production. The company serves a range of markets including the Automotive, Beverage, Brewery, Pharmaceutical and Personnel Product Industries. SI Protech (UK) Ltd has built up a great name and reputation within the packaging industry and has innovated and developed a number of products that have all become established and successful in the worldwide market place.

SI Protech (UK) Ltd and The Joseph Company have had a long standing relationship since the inception of SI Protech (UK) Ltd and long before that with SIP principal founder, Mark Silince.

The Joseph Company International (JCI), the developer, manufacturer, and patent holder of the world’s first and only commercially viable self-chilling beverage can, intends on the rapid commercialization of the self-chilling beverage can and associated self-chilling beverage packaging containers through licensing of the technology to the beverage world. The successful launch of the self-chilling can via the West Coast Chill Pure Energy Drink in California in 2012 has proven the commercial viability of the self-chilling can and has laid the foundation that will ensure that the self-chilling can and will become industry standard within the next five (5) years.
Mr. Joseph is the founder of the Joseph Company International and is the 4th generation of his family, dating back to 1921 with the bottling and distribution of Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer and Squirt, to dedicate himself to the beverage business. Educated at Ohio State and Youngstown State University, Mr. Joseph has spent the last 20 years pioneering the Chill-Can ® project. Mr. Joseph’s expertise in marketing, public relations, licensing, and finance have led to the Joseph Company International being recognized globally for the technological advancement that is the self-chilling can.

The aforementioned Mr. Silince was educated at Swindon University, England in General Engineering, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. Mark received initial training at Medal Box R & D in Wantage, England where he won the Listers PJP Trophy for most outstanding student. He gained most of his training on all quality makes of injection molding machines and ancillary equipment. Mark was formerly with Whitbread Beer Company of England where he was honored with several awards for the introduction of the “peanut” widget in a glass bottle. Mark also designed the widget for the Murphy’s Irish Stout beverage beer can and is considered an expert in cosmetic molding systems for high quality closures. Mr. Silince has had intensive involvement with molding analysis, shrinkage and warping predictive software for simulation of cavity filling during moulding designs. Mark has designed and completed the Chill-Can® technology for implementation into beverage cans, aluminum bottles, and steel keg.

Now under the same umbrella of companies, JCI and SIP can work together by reducing critical steps and pricing barriers from their respective logistical and supply chains thus accelerating the timeline of release for its many innovative programs currently in research and development and licensing negotiations.

For further information and/or to submit a business inquiry with either of these entities, please direct yourself to and and submit an electronic request.

Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award

For Corporate responsibility in redesigning the self chilling can beverage.