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Congratulations to a Chill-Can® Engineer

We would like to congratulate one of our very own engineers, Yaamu, upon his successful acquisition of the 2019 Badminton Championship.


A Chill Idea: The Journey of the Self-Chilling Can


Another Chill Idea: The Journey of the Self-Chilling Can Continues

7-Eleven, Inc. continues to innovate for its customers by giving them what they want where they want it.

Chill-Can® Makes Worldwide Headlines

Hundreds of media outlets report on market release of Chill-Can®.

7-Eleven Tests First Ever Self-Chilling Canned Beverage

7-Eleven, Inc. Brings First Self-Chilling Can to market for Test Launch of New Fizzics™ Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee.

Chill-Can® Presents a New Twist in On-demand Cold Beverages

“We can apply our self-chilling technology to all aspects of the beverage industry as well as to sports medicine, the medicine field as a whole, and every corner of the packaging world that requires any kind of cooling”. More on this exciting news for the beverage industry by Lisa McTigue Pierce in Beverage Packaging.

An Award Winning Year for the Joseph Company

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Joseph Company International expects to begin distribution and “some very light manufacturing” by midsummer at its chill can beverage campus, says its chairman and CEO.

And Mitchell Joseph doesn’t expect his company to be alone on the East Side once operations are at full capacity by the end of next year. He’s spoken with executives from several companies that do business with the Joseph Company at its operations on the West Coast and in the United Kingdom, he explains, and they have expressed interest in establishing operations here.

Joseph Company International INC. Solutes Our Veterans and Active Service Members.

Joseph Company International INC. Solutes Our Veterans and Active Service Members

Williamson College of Business Administration Honors Mitchell Joseph

Mitchell Joseph, a 1969 graduate of Williamson College and CEO of Joseph Company International was one of four alumni of Youngstown State University’s Williamson College of Business Administration honored Friday at the college’s annual Alumni Banquet.Mr. Joseph was presented the Outstanding Business Achievement Award in recognition of the $20 million Chill-Can® Beverage and Technology Center his company is building on the city’s East Side. The campus will have seven buildings, including research and development, administration, and manufacturing, for the company’s self-chilling beverage cans.

Chamber to Honor Joseph Co. CEO

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Mitchell Joseph, chairman and CEO of Joseph Company International and West Coast Chill, will be recognized as Business Professional of the Year at the Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber’s Salute to Business 2017.

The Joseph Co. broke ground last fall on the east side for a $20 million plant that will manufacture the world’s first
commercial self-chilling beverage can.

SI Protech Exports 75% of Their Production

From the little-known seaside town of Littlehampton, SI Protech manufacture products for some of the biggest names in the drinks industry, including Krombacher and many more.
Negri Bossi has worked with SI Protech since their formation and they now operate modern 12 Canbio and Vector machines ranging from 55 to 800 tonnes.